20 08 2011

'Princess Caroline' Pennisetum

OK, it’s 4 p.m. and it’s 98 degrees outside. I know how hot is out there, I been outside moving around my Jack Spears Original Irrigation Contraption, it ain’t pretty but it sure works just peachy till I get my new irrigation system installed. I turn it on all the way and I leave it in place maybe an hour and then move it, it does a good job of keeping everything alive but I wouldn’t swear everything looks it’s best though….:-) And it takes me about two days of moving it around from one area to another to cover most everything…..but when it’s 98 degrees it beats standing around with a hose in your hand and black spots from the heat dangling in front of your eyes……:-)

I had company a few minutes ago and got to do one of my favorite things that I love about gardening, I gave away some plants….3 Amonsia hubrichtii, a few lilies and a bronze fennel, plants I either had potted up or potted up while my friend Diane was here. It ain’t the best time to planting anything I reckon but if you got some good soil, good roots to begin with and watch your watering you should be alright. Funny gardening, I ain’t seen Diane in like 30 years but she knocked on the door and I came outside talking plants and she was talking plants and you’d thought we’d been best friends and inseparable since we graduated from high school…

Gardening is funny like that. The love of plants, flowers, veggies. The birds, butterflies, bees and critters that certain plants attract. The nurturing of the plants from either seeds or tiny starts to bloom time and beyond, all of that kind of binds folks together in this weird, wonderful way. When Diane left she was smiling and when I saw her at the door I was smiling and in between my smiles and her smiles it was like we’d ran around together for years…From now on when I look at my Amsonia hubrechtii to see how it’s doing and if it’s doing just fine and growing happily in my garden I’ll be thinking about how it’s doing over at Diane’s….We got something in common now that we didn’t have just a couple of hours ago.

We both graduated from the same high school and were from the same hometown, Piedmont, but now we got something else in common. We  both love to grow the same plants and now we got something in common that keeps on growing and growing and it continues and is reborn every year from now on. You see Diane and I aren’t just two people who went to the same high school or from the same home town anymore, we’re gardeners too, flower gardeners……

While I was showing Diane some of my flowers my wife walked up from running some errands and she just started talking about the plant we were talking about and before I could introduce them it was kinda unnecessary….Plants are like that too they kind of introduce themselves and introduce us to other folks in a ways that make the usual introductions kinda unnecessary…..:-)

I tell you fooling around, piddling around with plants, flowering plants is something that just keeps filling your life with beautiful blooms, beautiful foliage, amazing fragrances, attracts gorgeous butterflies and birds and on top of all that it gives you the opportunity of seeing Diane after 30 something years. The last time I saw her I think I said two words to her, “You alright?’ and she probably said, “Yea, you?” and today we never stopped talking, asking each other questions about planting this or planting that and I was still talking to her when she drove off down the street…..Gardening, boy I love it……

Paul From Alabama



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20 08 2011
Diane Formby Brewster

Paul, I am honored that I was the subject of your blog today. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed talking to you and Linda. I had only met her once several years ago during one of mother’s rehab stays and hadn’t seen you in many years but it was like we had always been best friends. Your garden is wonderful and you can certainly tell you have put a lot of sweat and love into making it beautiful. I want to thank you for all the flowers you gave me. I truly appreciate them. As soon as I can get the small iris dug up I will bring some by. They are my favorite iris. Again, thank you so much for the flowers and friendship.

22 08 2011

I’m tickled I had something you liked and that you could use in your garden…..Hope you’ll come back again soon. I’ll be looking for a place for your small irises in the meantime…..Again it was so nice to see you again, Linda says howdy too

21 08 2011
Nell Jean

`Flowers, the universal language. That said, there are some people that you don’t see for years and you just take up where you last left off talking.

22 08 2011

Nell Jean, flowers and plants are for sure a universal language and its nice to think of them like that too…I’ve had that happen too, taking off where you left off years ago and then sometimes you find after they tell you what they been up to for 40 years and you tell them what you been up to for 40 years it just gets kinda quiet…….:-) But the best is when you just keep on talking and keep on smiling……:-)

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