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22 08 2011

Gardening For Birds & Feeding Wild Birds While Living In A One Bedroom Apartment

I put together a web page to kinda show you fellow gardeners how I got started  fooling around with gardening and feeding wild birds. How I started piddling around with plants, flowers, potting soil, mulch, stakes, containers, Black Kow Composted Cow Manure, gardening tools of every kind and description, hoses, sprayers, plant tags, organic fertilizers, bird feeders, bird baths, fountains, suet, grapes, pecans, peanuts and last but certainly not LEAST about how I fed my wild birds and critters about 2 tons of bird seed, maybe a little more give or take a few hundred pounds in two years!!!…..You read that right fellow gardeners,  let me say (type) that again. Two Tons, 2 Tons,  4,000 pounds of bird seed in about 2 years…You see between having so many bird feeders and so many wild birds before I knew it, I was feeding my wild bird guests about 200 pounds 0f black oil sun flower seed a month. When the people who I bought bird seed from saw me walk in the door or pull in the parking lot they had brass bands playing and red carpets laid out for my arrival. ….:-)

A Few Annuals, A Few Perennials, A Few Bird Feeders, A Few Bird Baths - Before You Know It You're A Gardener

When I first started buying from this one store that had pretty good prices and real good quality seeds too they thought I was buying for the myself and my neighbors and when I told the man who owned the store all of the seed was for me and I lived in a one bedroom apartment with virtually no yard he didn’t actually come out and call me a liar but for the first few months till I brought some pictures to show him he always gave me that look like whenever I said something it was going to be a whopper but I guess he didn’t care as I was the best customer he’d ever dreamed of having……:-) After I really got to know him we used to laugh at him telling me he thought I was kinda “strange” and a bit of a “liar” when I first started shopping with him but after a while he came to the conclusion that I might have been strange but I wasn’t a liar. No, I was just a somewhat enthusiastic but for sure out of control gardener and wild bird feeder……..:-) Who had more bird feeders and more wild birds to feed than I had good sense, as you can imagine my wife and him were in complete agreement on both those points……:-) But enough about my little quirks and eccentricities check this out fellow gardeners:

Oh By The Way, It Helps To Have An Apartment Manager Who Loves Flowers & Birds Too...:-)

Paul From Alabama


Whoever said “everything in moderation” never really loved something so much it was about all they wanted to do and just about everything they did revolved around that one thing….Moderation? Moderation is for sissies…….:-)

Paul From Alabama



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22 08 2011

Don had a colleague who believed that anything worth doing was worth overdoing! Seems like there’s more than one person in that camp. I’m glad the things you are doing benefit yourself and all the rest of us too! :-)

22 08 2011

I went to the Sinai desert when l lived in Israel for about a “week”, well two months later I showed back up on the kibbutz, traveling is kinda like feeding birds or growing flowers, you start off with just a couple of feeders and a couple of plants, you say you’re going to the desert for a few days and before you know it, well……:-)

22 08 2011
Nell Jean

Everybody has something that delights them. I am making ‘bird water’ for a single hummingbird who came to the window and demanded, ‘Where’s the stuff?’ There is plenty of nectar out there for him but he’s spoiled and obviously returning from previous years.

I no longer put out birdseed. It was attracting rodents. They can get along on peanuts and corn that are spilled in fields around here and abundant weed seeds and plentiful insects that are available. What I do provide is fresh dripping water, not so easy to find in a drought except when fields are being irrigated and some of that water has chemicals in it..

22 08 2011

I had one that I ain’t sure but I sure felt showed up just like yours, I was procrastinating on putting out the feeders when I saw him, so I rushed inside grabbed my feeders, filled ‘em up, put ‘em out and about 10 minutes later there he was sipping away and saying to me like “well it took you long enough”……:-)

I ain’t had but one “rodent” in 6 years but when I lived in Atlanta I had them for a couple of weeks once, it wasn’t fun. I’m with on the water too, if you don’t want to fool with feeders water is the best thing you can have to attract wildlife, birds in particular. As far as peanuts in the fields go you might see me out there one of these days, I love roasted peanuts and I bet they are roasting even as we speak……The smell of roasted peanuts, wow…..:-)

22 08 2011
Nell Jean

They tend to boil peanuts around here. I like mine parched, too.

23 08 2011

Only one problem with parched peanuts, when I start eating them I can’t stop until they’re all gone…..:-)

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