Are You Crazy?

23 08 2011

The question is “Are You Crazy?”

I went out on the porch just now to write a little story. I put my computer down on the table, turned on the fan, sat down and starting thinking about what I might write about today and it hit me like a ton of bricks….I knew almost immediately what I needed to say today……..

Ready fellow gardeners? OK….

It’s entirely too hot to sit out here on the porch and write anything…..What inspired this revelation? The oppressive heat mainly. And with the fan blowing it reminded me of what they called a Hamsin or Sharav in the Sinai Desert, a hot, hot wind that blows off the sands and will take your breath away….It’s taking my breath away right now……:-)

Paul From Alabama


Oh by the way fellow gardeners, I forgot to answer the question “Are you crazy?”  The answer is, “I might be crazy but I ain’t stupid enough to sit out here on the back porch and type anymore about anything…….:-)

See you tomorrow…….:-)

Paul From Alabama



5 responses

23 08 2011

Well, we are officially rounding the corner to the 58th day above 100+ with extremely low humidity and NO RAIN SINCE FEBRUARY. Glad you decided not sit on the porch as we haven’t been able to enjoy our this entire season.
whine, whine,whine,whine,whine,

24 08 2011

Well Christi sometimes whining helps…..:-) A few more days like today and you might hear me all the way over in Texas……:-)

23 08 2011

“The high recorded at Camp Mabry on Tuesday was 104. It was the 69th day of 100-degree or hotter weather this year, tying a record set in 1925.”

I have not turned on my air conditioner this year (or last year).

I’m trying to make a plan for when it gets hot.

24 08 2011

flyingdj, I have two words for you. Are you ready? Get your bags packed and lock the doors when you leave. Here’s your two words…….North Dakota…..:-)

24 08 2011

Paul From Alaska,

We did it! Please help us celebrate! I think I’ll turn the fan speed up to medium.

“Camp Mabry hit 100 degrees at 2 p.m., the 70th triple-digit day of the year, breaking an 86-year-old record of 69 triple-digit days. We could reach 105 today, forecasters say.”

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