Real Loss

25 08 2011

‘Morning fellow gardeners.  I started to write something this morning about how I was losing a couple of my ‘Becky’ daises inexplicably to what looked like lack of water but a check of the ground around the crowns of the plants late yesterday didn’t seem to match my diagnosis. To tell you the truth fellow gardeners. the loss of a couple of daises kinda went by the wayside this morning as I read the account of the shooting of  Anniston, Alabama police officer Justin Sollohub. The senselessness of  the shooting, the loss for his family, his friends,  his fellow police officers and the loss for the community - I tell you the more I read about him and what kind of man he was, the sadder and angrier it made me.

Like those Seals who died on that downed chopper in Afghanistan here  while back, the loss of folks who want to and do so much for the rest of us, to keep us safe and secure, do it everyday, day after day, well it kinda takes the breath out of you. I tell you fellow gardeners, when you read about the senseless killing of this police officer, well I just don’t know sometimes. Then you read about the life of this officer, and you do know, you  know now that the community has suffered a loss that is irreplaceable.

That police officer like those Seals  lost on that chopper in Afghanistan kinda remind me of the title of that book that was on the best seller list for so long here awhile back ‘The Greatest Generation” or the title of that other book “The Best And The Brightest”.  I reckon I got the loss of this officer and other officers shot in the line of duty, other young men and women in our Armed Forces who are in harms way right now in places like Afghanistan and Iraq and other places we don’t even know of, I reckon I just got all them folks on my mind this morning.

So I’m going to ease on out in the yard in a few minutes and see what’s going on with my daises but I’m going to be thinking about the loss of Officer Justin Sollohub and all the other men and women whose  jobs put them in harms way so life can be better and more secure for the rest of us.

I’ll be shaking my head as I’m piddling around the garden this morning, shaking my head at the tragic loss of such a fine man in the line of duty. I remember the day I read about all the Navy Seals dying that day thousands of miles from Piedmont to make sure I was safe here and now I’m thinking about Officer Sollohub being shot and brain dead.  Shot just 25 miles away, shot so senselessly trying to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Anniston and Calhoun County.

Well fellow gardeners I reckon this morning I won’t be too worried about the loss of a few daises, I’ll be thinking about REAL LOSS… The  REAL LOSS of Officer Sollohub and other folks just like him. Like I said, REAL LOSS.

Paul From Alabama



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25 08 2011

One of the gifts of gardening is it provides a framework in which to process everyithing in life- including when it is totally unfair.


25 08 2011

Lydia I agree with you 100%, it sure does. The good, the bad, the unfair and inexplicable too, gardening surely does provide a framework to process everything in life…..Thank you taking the time to respond……

25 08 2011

Thanks, Paul.

25 08 2011

Thank you Vickie…..

25 08 2011
Kay Tolbert

Paul, you have
hit the nail on the head once again, So very true!

25 08 2011

Thanks for responding Kay…..I hope everything goes alright with your father, again thanks for taking the time comment…..

25 08 2011

Your tribute is beautiful, Paul. Puts into words what so many of us feel.

25 08 2011

Thanks for taking the time to read it Christi and for taking the time to respond….I sure wish yesterday had been different and I’d wrote about something else today, but those things happen unfortunately, hard to swallow some things.

25 08 2011
Sandy Martin

Thank you, from the wife of a police officer. Joey has been a cop ever since we have been dating. Each day I live with the possibility that he won’t come home. Try not to worry about it much but knowing what had happened and that he was down there in the middle of it all, i had a rough day yesterday.

25 08 2011

I’m so sorry about your day yesterday, I can’t even imagine but I’m glad at the end of the day he came home. I wish you both the best of luck and thank Joey from my wife and I for his service…….Paul and Linda

25 08 2011
Nell Jean

Even in the face of such a terrible loss, the family donated his organs so that he lives on in the lives of others. The fungus that laid low your daisies was an opportunist just like the thug that hid in an alley and took Justin Sollohub’s life. We have to be ever vigilant.

26 08 2011

Hey Nell Jean, when I saw that about the organ donation I thought to myself that was such a good thing in the midst of such tragedy….And as far as being ever vigilant, Nell Jean you’d have made one heck of an Israeli, that’s a compliment by the way…..

25 08 2011

My niece who was type 1 diabetic from 5 years old received a double transplant last November. From tragedy rises a miracle.

26 08 2011

Something good comes out of just about anything, I reckon it’s up to us to help bring it out….I’m thankful for your niece’s transplant so she could have a better life.

4 09 2011
Karen Warmack

Awesome story Paul.. I hope someone who knows the Sollohub family will see it and share it with them. What a beautiful tribute to one of Alabama’s Finest. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and part of your heart with us!!

27 11 2011
Jeniffer Morris

What a touching story. Hope one day i can hear from Justin’s recipients. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

Jeniffer (Justin’s Mom)

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