A Story About Not Writing A Story

14 09 2011

I never figured I’d be sitting here writing a little story about NOT writing little stories, but then I never figured I’d be writing about half the things I end up writing about anyways…For instance, I never figured on writing a little story explaining why I didn’t really fall asleep lying down in the middle of the road to Borden Springs at 4 o’clock in the morning…..:-)  Or a little story about bribing an Israeli Army patrol with basketball tickets to a championship game for not “detaining me for my own good” when I was traveling with the Bedouins in the Sinai Desert….Or even writing a little story about having an ambulance and the police over for a visit cause while I was trying to swat a fly with my hand, I broke out the window in our kitchen and nearly bled to death…:-) But I sure did write those little stories and sometimes when I go back and read them myself I don’t know what’s harder for me to believe, that I did some of those crazy things to begin with or that after doing them I wrote about them and then posted them on the internet……:-)

But this little story today is about why I haven’t been writing my little stories and maybe it’ll be a little less embarrassing than some of my other little stories, I mean it couldn’t be more embarrassing…..:-) You see fellow gardeners I haven’t been writing my usual little stories everyday here lately cause to tell you the truth I ain’t felt like it. Not cause I’m so sick I can’t even physically sit in front of a computer and write or anything like that…..Or not cause I got writer’s block or something…..Cause when you’ve been doing goofy things like I have just about everyday for nearly 60 years and you’ve only been writing about them for a few months well running out of things to write about ain’t one of my problems…..:-)

But to tell the God’s honest truth fellow gardeners, I ain’t been writing little stories here lately simply cause I just ain’t felt like writing at all!! I’m not sure what’s wrong with me medically, that’s what I been running around to all these doctors offices here lately for.  They know I’m anemic but the question is why. I’ve had so many pictures taken of me here lately I’m starting to feel sympathy for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt being tired of having their pictures taken every time they turn around. You see fellow gardeners here lately I’ve had so many CAT scans and X-rays and now they want me to do something called a PET scan, that I’m afraid I’m going to start to glow in the dark like a Lightning Bug……:-)

To be on the safe side until they do figure out why I’m so anemic and to help me build up my blood the doctors have put me on iron tablets and my wife now makes me eat enough spinach now to make even Popeye The Sailor jealous. When Linda told me that one serving of shrimp contained 15% of your daily iron requirements, well I decided the best thing for me to do is to eat a pound of shrimp everyday cause Lord have mercy I love shrimp!! So now I’ve eaten so many shrimp cocktails smothered in hot horseradish sauce here lately that not only do I glow in the dark like a flowering Moonflower Vine from all the X-rays and CAT scans I’ve taken but my body is starting to put off massive amounts of heat from all of that horseradish sauce I been ingesting ……:-)

But one thing I know for sure is anemia ain’t good for writing little stories or weeding in your garden or watering your containers and flower beds or even a simple thing like deadheading your daises for that matter….Why I’ve even fallen down on my main job which is to keep the dishwasher loaded with any dirty dishes at all times…Cause you can’t ever tell when somebody is going to drop by and for my own “health” it’s better I open the front door for them only wearing my underwear than have somebody come walking through the kitchen with even one dirty dish in the sink……:-)

And what I really want to tell you right now is that I kinda feel like I been letting some of you folks down by not writing…..Cause some of you fellow gardeners who keep up with my little stories might feel like well I used to drop by your house everyday for a nice visit and then one day I just quit coming over for no apparent reason and never said why and that’s why I’m writing this little story today……Does that make sense? Please tell me it does cause I’m getting too tired to go back and rewrite it again…….:-)

Now on a nice day like today I’d usually be outside piddling in the garden from morning till night and then coming in and writing about either what I did in the garden that day or some fool thing I did 30 years ago..:-) But I’ll tell you again fellow gardeners I just ain’t felt like writing about anything and that’s the truth. The absolute truth coming from a person we both know is the biggest liar you’ve ever known, ME…..:-)

Paul From Alabama




22 responses

14 09 2011

Your health is very important, Paul! Take care of yourself .. we can wait on the little stories. We’ll be thinking of you.


20 10 2011

Paul we all want you to take care of yourself. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hope the doctors find a cause for your tiredness and make you ready to get into some more mischief. Everybody is praying for you and your family!!

14 09 2011

Yea, he’s back! Hope you get to feeling better soon. I know how you feel. I give myself a B-12 shot every other week for that same reason. It helps. We, your friends, will just have to be patient.

14 09 2011

Get better soon,Paul. We need you and so does the garden! Pat

14 09 2011

I do hope you feel better soon and feel like being in your garden. Take care of yourself..the stories can continue later……it would be funny to see a giant lightening bug named “Paul” though. Be patient and do what they tell you…especially Linda.

14 09 2011
Robert Rhinehart

Hang In There, ! I know you can do the Time ;) lol…. Rhino

14 09 2011

I told Sandy that you must be feeling pretty bad not to be writting. Take care and stay out of the sun. Hope you get feeling better.

14 09 2011

One t instead of two, sorry Mrs. Hughes.

14 09 2011
Kay Tolbert

so glad to hear from you tho sorry you are not feeling so good. I know you have a wonderful “nurse” looking after you and about a zillion of your closest friends sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Take care dear friend and follow the nurses instructions! KMT

14 09 2011

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. And, I have missed your stories very much. Even my husband noticed we hadn’t heard from our friend PaulFromAlabama. Take care. Prayer for you.

14 09 2011

Don’t you worry yourself about writing any stories because I’m about too lazy to read them anyway.

15 09 2011

I have missed you and your storiess! Sorry you are under the weather. Hope you get feeling better soon! You have a good nurse to take care of you,just listen to what she says. Hope you are better soon. Brenda Hincy Mintet

15 09 2011
Nell Jean

It isn’t the stories, it’s knowing you are okay. Stories can wait. I hope you get stronger and feel like getting back to piddling soon.

16 09 2011

Prayers that you will feel better soon. Godspeed in this.

17 09 2011

I really believe you when you say that you don’t feel like writing. Just 919 words for this post? I’m sorry to say that I can’t feel too bad for someone who gets eat-all-you-can shrimp as treatment. Now, you have me wanting to have anemia. Shrimp and just non-stop wordless wednesdays posts. Hmm.

Seriously, I’m sorry to read that you’ve been feeling off. Did they test your stool for occult blood as well? I hope your RBCs go back up and you feel better soon. Looking forward to your posts beyond 1k words.

21 09 2011

Take care of yourself FIRST!!

We can wait to read your “little stories”.

As a certain commercial said, “We Love’ya, Man”.

26 09 2011
Patrick Lusk

Thanks for the update Paul-I’ve had iron-deficient anamia before. It can take several months to get enough iron back into your body. I hope you are getting beter.

19 10 2011

Has anyone heard from Paul or about Paul? I sure hope he is doing better.

20 10 2011

Paul, you need to gather strength from your friends like the flowers get strength from the sun and rain. We all want you to feel better.

22 10 2011
Nell Jean

Every now and then I feel compelled to come here and just let you know that your friends online send healing thoughts your way.

29 11 2011
Tom Mann

Hoping things are going well for you, Paul. Sure do miss your stories.

30 11 2011

Just checking on you as I do every day. I hope you are well.

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