Fellow Gardeners

I’m so sad to let you know that Paul passed away on Thursday, January 26th.

He loved writing his “little stories” so much and especially enjoyed the comments and feedback he received from his “fellow gardeners”…

Many of you have written the past months to let him know you missed him and the stories - each were so appreciated and treasured by Paul.

He loved sharing his garden, his stories and himself with you.  He was looking forward to spring and getting back into the garden, but it wasn’t to be.

Paul lived and loved life to the fullest.  He has left a legacy of beauty  — in his garden,  in the memories,in the friendships.  My hope for myself is that I can honor all that he was.  I will miss him terribly.

I want to thank each of you for being such a special part of his life, for the joys you brought his way.

Prayers and love to you all,


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28 01 2012

Sad news Linda. I know you will miss him too… I had just found Paul’s site here and enjoyed reading his articles. I think all gardeners have a heart to heart connection. I pray he is now helping tend the beautiful gardens of Heaven. May he be truly at peace. May you and all his loved ones find comfort and peace as well. You are in my prayers.

Stan The Roseman

28 01 2012

Thank you, Linda, for taking the time to post. I wish I had ‘met’ Paul before I did (last summer), but I still enjoy going back in time and rereading his stories. Wishing you peace. ~Tom

28 01 2012
Lin from Texas

Linda, I am so very sorry for your loss.

I started following Paul’s stories on the Texas Gardenweb forum, and have enjoyed them - it was like I was sitting down with an old friend over tea (or something stronger), chatting about the successes and challenges of our gardens - or lives. I will miss him.

May he continue gardening where there’s always enough rain and never any weeds, and his flowers bloom with reckless abandon.

Godspeed, Paul!

28 01 2012
Nell Jean

Condolences to you Linda, Paul’s Mother, His Brother Ralph and all those in Town who loved him. It was a joy to meet Paul online and hear his little stories. I hope there is comfort for you in knowing how much joy he brought to the gardening world. Thank you for letting us know.

28 01 2012

Dearest Linda, I sit here writing this with a broken heart and tears streaming down my face for a man that was bigger than life. Like most of us we put our parents thru a lot as we climbed the ladder to adulthood. Thank God we turned that around and strived to make up for it. Paul was one of those and in his writings you knew he was sad for the past but more than made up for it with the love he had for his family now. I never really knew Paul until last summer. Thru his blogs and sharing my love for flowers I felt I was a close friend. That’s just how he made people feel. I pray the flowers he gave me will come up in the Spring so when l look at them I can smile and see Paul smiling back. He was a wonderful person with a great love for everyone. Please give my love to Mrs. Daniel’s and the others and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love to all.

28 01 2012

Linda, We are so sorry to hear this news. Paul was such a fun and inspiring garden friend. I couldn’t wait from post to post to see what great story he would share. Greg, who doesn’t follow many blogs, would always ask what PaulfromAlabama was up to. I will miss his warmth, wit, stories and beautiful garden pictures.

Our prayers go out to you. Greg and Teresa

29 01 2012

Hello Linda, Thank you so much for your post to all of us in the #virtualgarden. I am so sorry to hear of Paul’s passing and for your lose. Paul’s tweets with me were always so special, his garden blog stories were always a treat for me to read.My heart goes out to you, know we are all here for you too. My prayers are growing your way. Annie

29 01 2012
Louise Green

Linda so sorry to hear of Paul’s death. His Mom and dad were very nice to my parents, Edna and Lewis Green. Mrs Daniels would help mom by bringing back dresses for my sister and I from her buying trips in Atlanta. My sister wore one petites which couldn’t be found anywhere. I’ve spent the afternoon reading his stories. My favorites were about the ‘Mill Village”, and almost becoming a Baptist and Methodist. Smiled the whole way through. Please tell his mom how sad I am for her and for you. You will be in my prayers.

1 02 2012

I’m one of those non-accepting people. I’m just going to walk around for the rest of my life knowing Paul is “out there somewhere” with a little planting spade in his hand and his straw hat and he has that smile on his face (which he was wearing every time I saw him.) I never visited the garden in person but I have covertly gone through all the pictures on FB and here (he was a very talented photographer, too). I can picture Paul puttering in an eternal garden for ever and ever and ever and smiling!

5 02 2012

Linda, please accept my sincerest condolences. I just recently discovered Paul’s blog and was looking forward to his return. I am saddened by your news but feel hopeful that he is feeling better now and gardening and writing again waiting to share it all with us. My prayers are for your strength and his eternal light.

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