Our Garden 2010 - Linda’s Hibiscus Medley & More

Now most folks think that I’m THE gardener over here on Second Ave., but what they don’t know is I don’t hardly do anything in the garden if I don’t pass it by Linda first. You see Linda “sees” stuff I never see, she has a better eye than I have (and prettier eyes too…:-)) I’ve said all this before in some little story or other but it won’t hurt to say it again here. If it wasn’t for my Linda, they’d be NO garden. Not a coneflower or a rose or 3 families of Blue birds living, feeding, bathing and flying around here all the time, not a hummingbird, NADA fellow gardeners…..When I first started this garden it was MY GARDEN and I don’t mean that selfishly. I wanted to make all the decisions, do all the planting, weeding, deadheading, shopping and buying, even pulling up dead plants, EVERYTHING, cause it was going to be MY present for Linda and my mom…..But as time went on I saw that Linda had lots of good ideas and even if I didn’t see everything like she did, boy she was great to bounce ideas off of and I learned so much and our garden is so more than it would be without her input and hard work…..You see I wanted a garden, a beautiful garden that was all my own doing from start to finish, but I wanted it for my wife and my mother like I said. But it would never had been as nice a garden by far without Linda’s help and advice at just about every turn of a spade or a digging fork……So with that being said and Linda for sure going to read this I’ll just say adieu fellow gardeners and it looks like I might get a pass the next time I track in dirt all over Linda’s clean floors after she reads this little story all about HER……:-)

Paul From Alabama

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6 responses

10 08 2011

Becky Shasta Daisies! Back on my list. Thanks for the reminder, Paul.

16 08 2011

As my little sister would say, Becky’s are the bomb……:-)

15 08 2011

Your garden is so lovely!

16 08 2011

hoov, thanks glad you enjoyed the photos of the garden and I hope you’ll visit again.

17 08 2011

awww, that is so sweet!! You and Linda are so lucky. glad you’re sharing and giving her the credit she deserves too!

18 08 2011

She deserves the credit and it is nicer sharing than going it alone, it just took me awhile to come to that conclusion. I think when Linda told me if I didn’t let her pinch some coleus back she was going to pinch my head off, well that kinda prodded me into it……;-)

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