My Mother’s Garden Birthday Party

I’d tell you how old my mother was on this particular birthday but she’s going to read this little story and then she’d kill me for sure…..:-) So let’s just say she’s in  the “Golden” years.  That’s me saying they’re “Golden” cause when my brother Ralph comes home and wants mother to make him 55 gallons of spaghetti sauce for him for dinner and to take home with him back to Atlanta (there’s a real shortage of spaghetti sauce in the Atlanta city limits, especially Virginia- Highlands, where Ralph lives. Why I bet there’s only 14 or 15 Italian restaurants with walking distance of  his condo…:-) I’m not sure mother thinks they’re THAT “Golden”…:-) And of course there’s pancakes to make for Ralph about midnight, that’s when he usually likes to eat them after a hard day of laying on the couch watching basketball or tennis and mother has to do that too. Ah, those “Golden” years….;-) Then there’s my little sister Robyn and her dogs, both of them. It only feels like she has a dozen of them when they’re here though……:-) Mother keeps saying how she just loves it when Robyn brings them to Piedmont, but then as I’ve learned as the years have gone by, my mother is a bigger liar then me……:-)

Paul From Alabama


Like most sons I think my mother is the best mother in the whole world and she might be but one thing is for sure. She deserved more well behaved kids than she got. Of course I’m only speaking for myself and would never presume to speak for my little brother Ralph or my little sister Robyn. Yea sure……:-)

P.S. I love you mom when you read this, in fact I love you even if you don’t read it, but I doubt it. Not doubt that I love you mother, I’m sure about that, the part about you NOT reading it…:-) Happy Birthday Day Mother whatever birthday it is you have whenever you have it…….

Paul From Alabama

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