Naked - July 23, 2011

Ein Fortuga, a little oasis in a wadi (a valley) that eventually ends up on the Red Sea coast of Sinai

Now this a G-rated blog, with G-rated stories and will continue to be as long as my mother and Aunt Myrtle have internet access. After that watch out, my stories are going to make a Danielle Steel novel look like the life story of Barbie, The Doll……:-)  But until then well here is a little story about one of my more memorable days in Israel, specifically during my time in the Sinai desert. Especially the mountainous south Sinai and the eastern Red Sea coast beaches and oasis’s….

Now for me nudity ain’t no big deal. After all my granny gave me a subscription to the National Geographic Magazine when I was born and I have every issue since 1949 and one of my most prized possessions. I tell you how prized, I shipped them ALL TO ISRAEL and when I left to come back to the States I shipped them back, every one. Don’t ask what the shipping cost and I won’t tell you just in case my mother reads this…….:-) But what was I saying before I started telling you about, oh yeah, nudity…..:-) Well I’ve seen naked women since the August issue of National Geographic in 1955. I saw this woman from South America and she looked naked to me and I was pretty sure that most all women kinda looked similar to her so after that revelation nudity wasn’t that big a thing for me…….:-)

But I’m not a member of a nudist colony or anything nor is my wife,  well she hasn’t told me if she is anyways, I mean I don’t tell her everything and she don’t tell my every little thing like being a member of a nudist colony while being my wife for the last 11 years. If  she ever runs around naked all the time, well I reckon I don’t know it and in that case I guess I need to stay inside  more often and not be out piddling in the garden so much…….:-) But this little story ain’t about my wife or the National Geographic Magazine though if you’ve read this story so far you’d think so.:-)

So without further adieu. here is my story about being naked. Not dirty, not not nice, not promiscuous, just naked…..;-) So if nudity in any form or fashion offends you then turn the channel to the Animal Channel cause that’s the only thing I’ve seen on TV these days where everyone has most of their clothes on, except the animals of course, they’e all naked as a, well naked as that woman from South America in the 1955 August issue of the National Geographic. …..:-)

I had been in the mountains of southern Sinai for about 2 weeks, hiking and traveling with this Bedouin buddy of mine. He was my buddy cause I’d been traveling in the desert with him for nearly two weeks and if you ain’t friends by then well you ain’t ever going to be……:-) I mean you got to talk or say something even though he didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Arabic but after two weeks we were bosom buddies. He had 4 wives and at the time the I had none so if nothing else I had a lot to learn from him about marriage and women besides all I learned about living and traveling and surviving in the desert and riding a camel from dawn to dusk…

Well one day we part company. He goes back to where his family and tribe are located near Wadi Feiran and I keep walking towards the Red Sea by way of

, at a place called Nuweiba. Now Nuweiba back then was just a little oasis itself, with some Bedouins of the Muezina and Tarabin tribes living nearby and a Moshav, a farming community of Israelis who grew vegetables, some fruit trees and flowers if my memory serves me…..

But as I said I was hiking towards the coastal beaches when an Israeli Jeep pulls up with some reserve soldiers going home from their base in the central Sinai. They pull over when they see me and I jump in, backpack, dust and all and off we go. Now its dark by the time we reach the beach at Nuweiba and I get out and just walk up to the top of one of the sand dunes overlooking the Red Sea and pull out my sleeping bag and fall asleep looking at the night Sinai desert sky which ain’t no bad way to go to fall sleep fellow gardeners……

Well before I know it the first rays of light are coming up over Saudi Arabia and Jordan over on the other side of the Red Sea from where I’m just raising up off the sand in my sleeping bag and at first I don’t believe my eyes or what I’m seeing or think I’m seeing and it ain’t the beautiful sunrise over the Red Sea which while it is and was beautiful and the first time I’d seen it till that moment, it paled in significance to what my eyes like I said, thought I saw in front of me……:-) Wow, that’s the longest sentence I ever wrote in my life……:-) New paragraph after that sentence……;-)

Standing right in front of me are 3 naked women from Sweden. And they were beautiful too, not because they were naked but because they were just beautiful. I mean fellow gardeners I’m crazy, not stupid though nor am I blind…….:-) One of the blond beauties says something to me in Swedish I think and from the look on my face she either thought one of two things. One, I didn’t speak Swedish or two, they were the first 3 naked women I’d ever seen close up in my whole life whether they were from Sweden or Katmandu……:-) They were right on both counts. I didn’t speak Swedish and they were the first 3 naked women I’d ever seen together close up……:-) I mean I’m a good old boy from Piedmont, Alabama not Tahiti…..:-) And whenever I went swimming back in the Alabama I went to the old baptizing hole up in Borden Springs and for the life of me I never remember seeing any naked women, not even one, much less 3 naked women at the same time whether they were from Sweden or Cedartown…..:-)

Well turns out she speaks English which is my good luck cause I speak some English myself of the kind they speak in the greater Calhoun County Alabama vicinity. She wants to know if I just came from the oasis Ein Fortuga and if so is it nice and is it a long hike from there……Oh fellow gardeners. I never in my whole life spoke in such detail of a hike I ever took in my whole life. And I talked so slow that Tennessee Ernie Ford would have been proud of me. It took me nearly an hour to tell those 3 naked women from Sweden all I knew, thought I knew, could make up right quick, embellish and down right lie about. And the whole time I was talking I never took my eyes off them 3 naked women from Sweden…..:-) Fellow gardeners, I never even blinked…….:-)

Paul From Alabama


I had wandered up on a section of the Red Sea beaches back then that lots of young travelers from Europe and America hitchhiked to or caught rides to. They spent the days snorkeling or diving in the amazing reefs along the Sinai Red Sea coast. And the nights partying in the sand dunes or in little palm frond huts the  Bedouin had built for those young travelers like me and those 3 naked women from  Sweden. You see most young people from Sweden or wherever back in them days just went naked on the beaches of Sinai. At least most of them anyways. I wasn’t shocked or offended and was kind of tickled about the whole thing but don’t tell my  wife I said so, she thinks she was the first woman I’d ever seen naked,  I don’t know where she got that idea unless I told her that, hmmm come to think of it I did…….:-)

You know what fellow gardeners, sometimes I think it better for everyone especially myself if I just didn’t say too much about anything……..You don’t have to agree if you don’t feel you have to…….:-)

Paul From Alabama

 The comments below were transferred from my “old” blog as was the little story above with the date of the original story as shown.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Paul, i thoroughly enjoy your stories. They are so entertaining.
Monday, July 25, 2011 - 10:22 AM
Next months gardens will be full of Naked Ladies, the kind that grow from bulbs. Was that where this post was going before you lapsed into reminiscence and forgot where you were headed?
Monday, July 25, 2011 - 12:02 PM
@Marie, I’m so glad you enjoyed the stories and I hope any of my other stories will entertain and bring a smile to your face…..thanks for taking the time to read them and for responding to them. I appreciate it.@ Nell_Jean I hardy ever know where I’m going with these stories. I just alway seem to get there when I’m finished…..:-) The only time I’m 100% sure where I’m going is when  mother sends me to Lively’s Food World to get something we don’t even need……:-)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - 05:59 AM
I always enjoy your stories Paul. Keep ‘em coming..Would love to see your and Linda’s flowers one day ..Be Blessed..
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - 09:50 AM

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