Our Garden 2009 Roses

I reckon I love roses about as much as about anything I grow and nurture in my garden. For me that means old fashioned climbing roses. Big flowers, some with blooms that are sometimes referred to as “cabbage” blooms like blooms that are flat and quartered and all, ALL with that lovely old fashioned rose fragrance, yet each one with it’s on distinct scent. Most with beautiful (at least to me) long canes that when you train them horizontally on an arbor, trellis or fence, they’ll put on so many buds along them smaller canes, (the laterals) that fellow gardeners it’ll take your breath away some nice cool April or May morning and put a big old smile on your ugly old face, at least my ugly old face. In your case it’ll put a big old smile on the most beautiful face in your town, YOURS…..:-)

Fellow gardeners you don’t have to use fungicides or insecticides, miticides or shoot these roses with a ray gun, all you got to do is give them some good soil, a little organic fertilizer to “supercharge” your roses if you want to but you don’t necessarily have to, keep’em watered and mulched and you’re in for the time of your life. The day I planted my first two roses, a creamy white “found” rose called “Sombreuil”, one on each side of this humungous black metal arbor, I thought “good Lord them little things won’t ever cover this gargantuan arbor”, but they did and they’ll cover yours too…In my life before I started gardening, piddling around with plants, flowers in the yard I had about as much patience as 2 year old kid with a big empty bag of  M&M’s in his hand on the sugar high to end all sugar highs……:-) But piddling around in the garden and especially fooling around with old fashioned climbing roses has taught me patience and it ain’t been nearly as painful as I thought it’d be…..:-) In fact it didn’t even hurt at all, about like one of them shots they gave me when I was in the hospital here awhile back, the thought of it hurt more than the shot did and it’s the same with growing old fashioned roses up and over arbors, up trellises, along fences, up on the walls of your house or up and over an old 55 Chevrolet you’ve had rusting in your front yard since 1963. One day you think it’s never gonna happen and the next day, well not THE NEXT DAY, but one day you’ll walk outside and it’ll be pruning day and you’ll think, “geez that sucker was just a little bitty plant and now look at it, I better hurry up and prune this thing before it eats up the whole neighborhood…..:-)

I could keep going on and on about roses but my wife is starting to give me that same old look about his time every night. That look that says, “Hey Paul, wind up the story already, is it one of your little stories or is this going to your magnum opus novel?”……:-) I think it’ll be prudent for me fellow gardeners to say at this time, Good Night…..Oh and sleep tight my little roses, you know who you are……:-)

Paul From Alabama

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