Our Garden April 2008

Here’s some pictures we’ve taken over the past few weeks…..Everything looks good so far….Been plenty of rain, only lost a couple of plants over the winter, some

‘Creme Brule’ coreopsis….I think during the drought last year I might have watered them to death, might have been poor drainage in that one spot or they could have needed a life preserver and I failed to provide them one during watering. But not to give you the wrong idea about ‘Creme Brule’, I got some out in front of our rose arbor in the blazing sun with soil that’s never been amended with anything save footprints and they’re some happy campers (coreopsis) I can tell you…:-)

I sho-nuff LOVE my old fashioned roses, they’re two to three years old now and blooming nicely…I like the big flowered climbers the best I reckon. I like to grow them up posts, along fences, chains, up on umbrella trellises, over arbors, anywhere I can tie them up so they can display their beautiful blooms….Folks tell me a ‘Madame Alfred Carrire’ will grow up and over and cover a good size garden shed…I’ve got mine growing up a wall on the back of my house and it’s nearly high enough now to start growing up on top of my shed…I’ve got high hopes of seeing those blooms covering the top of that shed and hanging off the sides…..I can’t wait to see that…..

I’m kinda partial to foxgloves too…..Looking at a stand of foxgloves kinda makes me feel like a kid again…I keep waiting on an elf to jump outta the foliage…..Hey, flowers have that effect on me what can I say…..:-)

The professional photographer that usually lurks outside our house was NOT there the day I needed these photos taken so my wife and I took them ourselves. As you can see for yourselves we hope he (the professional photographer) comes back soon….:-)

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