Our Garden At A One Bedroom Apartment In Atlanta 2003-2005

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Linda and I lived in Atlanta off of Interstate I-75  right off  Northside Drive. Now the apartment we lived in was a ground floor one bedroom apartment. Our front yard was about 15 feet wide and about 9 feet deep. The ground was kind of like concrete or hardened steel. I grew my first plant ever in that ground. I wasn’t aware of  soil amendments but I had a steel rod and a sledge hammer and beat 5 holes in that ground and planted 5 little crocus bulbs in the fall of 2002. In spring of 2003 they came up and bloomed and Paul Daniels book worm and cable news addict was born again, born again as Paul From Alabama, a gardener. I was to say the least, HOOKED….How them little bulb growing tips broke through that concrete like ground I have no idea but I figured if I could grow something, anything there, I might have a future as gardener. I was already feeding wild birds and had so many bird feeders my wife threatened to leave me. But when I started reading about feeding wild birds I started reading about gardening for birds and that’s when the gardening bug really bit me. I thought if I could grow plants and that would draw more birds, more kinds of birds, hey let’s do it. And I started growing plants for birds with a vengeance…..:-)

I started with two 16 inch plastic containers I bought a Home Depot and in two years when Linda and I moved back to Piedmont I had around 50 16 inch containers full of all kinds of plants that either had seeds that fed birds or nectar producers for humming birds and butterflies……Then I talked the apartment manager into letting me build 3 raised wooden beds in the back of the apartment. Then I talked her into letting me build raised beds out of brick I found around the apartment complex, against the walls of the back of my apartment and then against the walls of the apartment next to ours….When I started gardening we didn’t know a soul in the apartment complex and by the end of the our first years of feeding birds and growing flowers we knew about everybody cause everybody walked over to or by our place to see the birds and the flowers.

Fellow gardeners, it was wonderful. Gardening for birds changed my life and was something that made my wife happy too. I was a happy camper as a new gardener and looked forward to growing more new plants and having more kinds of bird feeders all the time. Here are some pictures of the beginning of  a new journey that my wife Linda and I were on till our path took us right back here to Piedmont, Alabama.

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22 08 2011
Living In Atlanta « Paul From Alabama

[...] But enough about my little quirks and eccentricities check this out fellow gardeners: http://paulfromalabama.com/our-garden-at-a-one-bedroom-apartment-in-atlanta-2003-2005/ Oh By The Way, It Helps To Have An Apartment Manager Who Loves Flowers & Birds [...]

22 08 2011
Susan Wheeler

Hi Paul…great story and pictures. Reminded me of my apartment in Gadsden. I lived in a townhouse off the water behind Gadsden Mall. Had LOTS of birds and LOTS of feeders for them. Also had about fifty pots of flowers on the patio. I’d get tickled when I’d go out to water, ’cause there were always lots of frogs/toads in the flower pots, and you’d get dive-bombed by the hummers in the summer. Your story brought that back. Thanks for your story and pictures, and the trip down memory lane. Take care…Susan

23 08 2011

Hey Susan, Glad you enjoy the story and the pictures…..I like to ride in the neighborhoods around the lake over there as there’s always some really nice gardens over that way…….Come see us

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