Our Garden June 2006

June WOW!!!!…..Just about everything is flowering their hearts out now….Shasta ’Becky’… ‘Twilight’, ‘Sundown’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘Harvest Moon’, ‘Kim’s Knee High’ all the Echinaceas….Coreopsis……Most of the Rudbeckias (Maxima, ‘Goldstrum’, ‘Indian Summer’…..Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’……Verbenas…..Gerber Daisy…..Mexican Petunias…..Almost all the Salvias……There ain’t nothing like June in a flower garden in the South. Sometimes I just want to go to town and grab the first person I see and say “Hey, you gotta see this, have I got something to show you, I know you’re going to like it, trust me”……Its like you have this overwhelming, compelling urge to share something so beautiful with somebody, anybody, heck EVERYBODY…..That wonderful feeling of wanting to share the sights, smells and sounds of a garden is one of the best things about piddling around with flowers and feeding wild birds. There’s something to be said about being alone and having quiet, reflective time in your garden but there’s something to be said for sharing it with your loved ones and friends too…………..

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