Our Garden May 2008

Wait a minute…..It can’t be May, it was just April a few minutes ago…..I waited a year for spring to get here, March came and I can’t believe its here…..Then before I knew it April, but I was loving it, rain and then more rain with beautiful warm sun in between the rain drops….And now you’re telling it’s May?….Get outta here, it can’t be May already, why it was just yesterday I was out on my hands and knees moving soil around ever so carefully where I thought a perennial might be sticking its lovely head outta the ground….And that was yesterday…..What? That was February?……Boy how time flies, I think I’m going to settle down and enjoy May and quit wishing for time to fly by for this or that….We are enjoying May I can tell you….Take a look and we hope you enjoy it too…..

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