Our Garden - The Beginning October 2005

Talk About A Blank Slate

This what the new "border" looked like one day in October 2005, that day we planted about 300 perennials and a shrub or 4 or 5.











We laid out the design of the borders with a garden hose and used Roundup to kill the grass.  Had the outlined areas (the Border) tilled up and I got 23 tons, about 17 yards, of ‘Garden Mix’ from Miller Landscaping delivered. Idea was to try to add a 3 inch layer of it to the border area and then till it all in….We tilled it in and leveled it off and then we were ready to plant. The new flower beds looked like a nice moist chocolate cake, mmmm good, good for the new plants’ roots. We laid out, planted and mulched about 300 or so plants in one day. We watered everything in and then just sat back (I use the phrase “just sat back” loosely) and waited to see what spring would bring.

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