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Every now and then in the future I will post some pictures right here in a photo gallery called amazingly enough, “Our Photo Gallery”…… Anyways I’ll change it from time to time, swap out photos, add new ones, delete, edit, well you know what I mean it’s called “creativity” or where I’m from we call it what it is, “I can’t make up my mind”…:) But whatever I do put here I hope you enjoy it and if you ever have some question about a photo don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section or email me or you can even call me on the phone or mail me a letter (remember those?), but that’s so low tech fellow gardeners….:)


Paul From Alabama is so stupid, OK not stupid but ignorant of the ins and outs of setting up menus with his new Word Press blog that he can’t figure out how to put a series of pages with his photos under the menu called “Our Photo Gallery”. So fellow gardeners UNTIL I do please skip down on the right side or column of this page to where it says “Old” Little Story Archive & Photo Galleries. For example “Our Garden April 2006″ etc.  They will be there until further notice or until I, Paul From Alabama, can figure out how to put them right here where any sane person would think they might reside, under a menu button called “Our Photo Gallery”.  I kinda fixed it I think but it’s only half right which is kinda like only having half of your favorite movie on DVD, I mean what’s the point….:-) If you’re smart and know how to do it then please call me collect (My name in the phone book and listed in the Yellow Pages under “Professional Blog Designer”…:)) or email me or leave a comment on here. But whatever you do, don’t make fun of me cause I can’t figure it out, I feel stupid, in mean ignorant, enough already….:)

I hope we’re all on the “same page” on this little snafu of mine….:)

Paul From Alabama

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28 01 2012

What a magnificent legacy. Chris Van Cleave shared the link of this truly beautiful garden that reflects a soul at peace. My deepest sympathy on your loss of this amazing gardener.

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