Roses & More 2010

2010 was a good year, kinda like a good year for a fine wine, not the kind of wine my wife and I drink from the Hill Top Grocery for $3.46 a bottle, no much better than that, though I never know the difference between one wine and another other than the color. I know milk shakes pretty well though. Be sure before you pour your milk shake into your glass that you let it “breathe” first, about 2 seconds ought to do it…..:-) Then if you take a sip of say a chocolate milk shake or better yet one of Dot Grissom’s peanut butter milk shakes from the old Dairy King, well you take you a small sip and then let it swizel around in your mouth before you drink it down. Oh before I forget it, don’t forget to smell the “bouquet”. Does the milk shake smell like peanut butter? Good then its one of Dot Grissom’s for sure and you’re getting ready for the treat of your life. Don’t swig it down now fellow gardeners, I mean after all we’re not barbarians….:-) Well I’m not anyways….:-)

Paul Fron  Alabama

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